A. Shoulders

B. Above bust - all around the body

C. Bust - all around the body

D. Below bust - all around the body

E. Bust Point - from shoulder down to apex

F. Blouse Waist - all around the body where the blouse will end

G. Waist - around the body

H. Low Waist - around the body

I. Hip - around the body

J. Front neck

K. Back neck

L. Armhole - all around

M. Sleeve length

N. Mori - around the arm where sleeve will end

O. Blouse Length - from the shoulder going above bust

P. Lehenga Length - to be taken with shoes on please note that if the heel size varies while taking the measurements with the actual size of the heel which will be worn, the length of lehenga may become too sort or too long. THE LEHENGA LENGTH SHOULD BE MEASURED FROM THE WAIST WHERE YOU WILL BE WEARING THE LEHENGA ( low waist measurements ) TO THE FLOOR AT A DISTANCE OF APPROXIMATELY 10 INCHES AWAY FROM THE TONES